Design for Disability

In the blink of an eye, everything can change! This client was putting up her curtains and then next minute was having open-heart surgery. Interior design should also be about making people’s lives better! Assisting people to live a full and happy life is so much part of my ethos.

When the client returned home from many months in the hospital, her dayly routines become difficult and actually impossible…the layout and design of her home could not accommodate her needs nor her families.

The ground floor bathroom and the top floor bath and shower were redesigned for the client’s requirements.

A hung toilet really is a great design. It has a built in frame which you can lower or make higher - so regardless of your height (or bending down), you can adjust the frame of the toilet in the picture below to suite your height! Had to show off the client’s new hobby (please note the glass plant pot and dish) - she is amazing at glass art!!!

We employed Constance to project manage an almost total rebuild of a ‘hoarder house’ 4 years ago. We had just been deserted by a ‘rogue builder’, who left our house in a significantly worse position than we started with and engaged Constance to bring in an entirely new team to fix it structurally, decorate, paint and fix all the fittings. She managed to turn the project around within 6 months, on budget (no small feat) and literally save our dream home. I would strongly recommend Constance for any building project.
— John & Solange Wyatt
Constance Uzwyshyn