In 1992, Constance Uzwyshyn received a scholarship to go to Ukraine to continue her research for her PhD from Edinburgh University in History of Art. This was the pivotal point in the making of ARTEast and CU3 Design Ltd. She teamed up with Svetlana Stehniy, Marketing and PR guru and created the first commercial gallery in Eastern Europe. It was hailed and awarded as the best gallery! It upholds a honourable position in representing the elite and in doing so the leader and expert on Ukrainian art. Constance organised the first art auction in Ukraine and together with Svetlana, they have created some of the most outstanding events, fashion shows, galas and art exhibitions in Ukraine.

Uzwyshyn and Stehniy also employed an in-house architect and together ARTEast, created many sumptuous, prestigious and award winning interiors, bespoke furniture and giftware. Constance's dream was to open an art gallery and doing so, founded ARTEast Gallery.

The history of ARTEast's building

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Uzwyshyn designed the interior of ARTEast Gallery. Constance saved and restored Ukraine's first ballet school and Pasternak's garden. She inspired and was the first to create Ukrainian Contemporary Ancient Renaissance Style (UCARS) sourcing styles, materials and images from Ukraine's pre-Christian (Scythian, Perun and the worship of the 'Totemistic' Stone Women from the Steppes) history combining it with Kyivska Rus albeit with a contemporary twist. This style now has been copied and magnified in many fine buildings throughout Ukraine. Constance's drive to create this new style culminated into the award winning ARTEast. Over the next decade, ARTEast was hired to consult, create and design many awarding winning interiors, furniture, host VIPS and exhibit the most amazing art.

As the decade past, ARTEast was synonymous with excellence and ARTEast flourished. Together Constance and Svetlana continued to consult on art and design and Constance formalised her interior design training at the famous Chelsea College of Art in London. Here she met Mexican interior designer Melania Garcia of whom she collaborates with on interior projects in Switzerland, France, UK and Ukraine.

Constance, Svetlana and Melania are a trio of many talents and languages. They provide top to toe complete services whether it is purchasing a piece of art, creating an inventory of your collection, insurance appraisals, to designing, tailoring and sourcing items for your interior to meet your specific needs. If you would like more details please see our Services.

CU3 Design Ltd is a British registered company and has been trading since 1997.