Access to Socialist Realism artwork is hard to find. Over the past 20 years, many collectors and auction houses have purchased vast amounts making this epoch desirable and hard to find. The artwork in our collection is from the 1950s - 1980s and it includes artists whose artwork is held in various museums both in Ukraine and abroad. This fact underscores a real paradox of the time - museum-quality artists that are still accessible for art collectors at reasonable prices.

During the years of Socialist Realism there was a complicated hierarchy that existed in the public exhibition of art. For an exhibition, the content of paintings by 'titled' artists (academics, professors, People's Artists etc.) was accepted willingly. However, the factor that defined only the exhibition but also the future fate of a painting was its very size. As a rule, only paintings of large dimensions were chosen for museum collections and public buildings. Consider their destination and the requirements of the state commission, artists completed these paintings with special diligence and devotion, notwithstanding the mandatory ideological themes, It is precisely in such big paintings that the philosophy of socialist realism took its shape. Only an insignificant number of canvases were 'acquired' by the state. The rest of these, for various reasons, remained in the studios of the artists awaiting better times.

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